ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

"I’d like to be Stiles cause I’d like to be funny."


Derek’s middle initial is S. He probably had it legally changed to Scott.

World Cup 2014 Semifinals
Germany [7] - [1] Brazil


a fun and interesting fact about me is that im a fucking idiot

  • kira: he looks so young
  • scott: that's because he's the only actor on the show who's actually a teenager
"Manuel Neuer is a different kind of goalkeeper, a different kind of man. Unlike the ones who came before him - I don’t know who I’m thinking of right now - he’s not an egomaniac. He’s classy. He’s a teamplayer, a highly intelligent, sensitive and modern footballer."
— Oliver Kahn about Manuel Neuer (via coulditbemagic)


  • joins tumblr to pass time
  • becomes a radical feminist